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"we find beauty not in the thing itself but in the patterns of shadows, the light and the darkness, that one thing against another creates"

Junichiro Tanizaki 'In praise of shadows'

As an artist, living and working in North London, I have exhibited all over London and beyond, in such diverse venues as the old Aldwych underground station, at the historic Shepherd Market, on a Dutch barge moored at Little Venice and at Nacka Strand, Stockholm.  I studied Fine Art at Middlesex University, where I experimented and explored 2D art practices.  In the last few years, my major artistic focus has become printmaking.  My time is split between WMC etching studio in Kentish Town, East London Printmakers and my home studio.

I take inspiration from nature: the interplay of sunlight; the formation of shadows & silhouettes, and reflections in water: from puddles to the sea.  And the sky; clouds, dramatic and threatening, or light and insubstantial, creating a unique and limitless visual theatre.  Other work takes inspiration from functional, manmade objects, beauty in the mundane; padlocks, keys, tools, bikes, books, tables & chairs.  Not solely attracted by the forms and texture of the objects themselves, I am also interested in the relationship between positive & negative, by their compositional qualities.   I am fascinated by the many & various processes and the tactile qualities involved in etching and printing, from the relative simplicity of a linocut or screenprint created at the kitchen table, to more sophisticated methods requiring more specialist materials and equipment.

In 2019, my etching 'Deal Pier' won a Lowes Dickinson prize for printmaking, and in 2020 'Bike, Kentish Town' won the Witold Library Prize.  I am delighted to say, 'Scottish Trees' was awarded the Governors Choice Prize at WM College, May 2022.  In May 2021, 'Seagull, St Ives' was chosen for inclusion in the Royal Society of British Artists' Annual Exhibition at the Mall Galleries.  'London Chimneys' was selected for the 2022 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.  

I am a participating member of Artcan, North London Printmakers, Kentish Town Printmakers, Crouch End Open Studios and am about to join the esteemed Southbank Printmakers.  I exhibit regularly at Hampstead & Battersea Affordable Art Fairs with North London Printmakers and in 2023, for the first time, we exhibited at AAF Stockholm.  This year we will add Amsterdam to our portfolio! 

Please check out 'News' for upcoming exhibitions.

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